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BADAS Observing Resources Page

One of the best aspects of amateur astronomy is actually getting out there and looking up at the night sky.
Hopefully this page will help YOU do that.


Weather - pretty important to amateur astronomers!

Current IR Satellite


Forecast sites

Metcheck - This takes you to our personalised forecast. Other societies may be selected from "Hobbies - Astronomy"

The Weather Outlook - generally pretty accurate cloud forecasts

BBC Weather Centre

Weather Underground

EUMETSAT - Europe satellite image veiwer

SAT24 - GB satellite image animation

NASA SDO - NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory.



Space Weather

AuroraCredit: NOAA/Ovation


Link to larger image


Astroweather Panel aka clear sky chart (info)(response can be very slow)

iicon info

Astronomy Data

Current sky chart and Planet data (courtesy Heavens-Above)

Astronomy Now Interactive sky chart

Observing Guides

Sky and Telescope News and events

Society for Popular Astronomy Sky Diary

Moon Phases 2016-2017




Current moon and weather

Click for Blackpool, United Kingdom Forecast;


Download Stellarium free at

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