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Solar combined.jpg

Pictures - Terry Devon



16th 9th September 2017

The annual Starbecue was held at Blackpool Cricket Club.

Once again the weather was kind to us and members had an excellent night under the stars eating and drinking their fill.

Solar combined.jpg

Pictures - Stephen Cheatley



12 August 2017

Persieds Observing night at the dark site.

A good attendance and clear skies made this a very enjoyable night. Many meteors were seen.

The next morning our star photographer - Stephen Cheatley - appeared on National TV on the BBC "Breakfast" show (he's the one on the left).

The two Meteor pictures were taken by Stephen at our event and were also shown on the program.

Solar combined2.jpg

Pictures - Terry Devon



16th July 2017- Blackpool Cricket Club

The Society has a successful solar imaging afternoon alongside the cricket match.

Summer meal 2016

Picture : Pete Franklin



2017 July - Runcorn Astronomy Festival

Volunteers man the Society stand.

Summer meal 2016

Pictures : Barrie Cridland



2016 Inter Society Chrismas Dinner

Even more attendees this year meant that the event was held in a larger room at the Garstang Golf and Country Club.

Professor Allan Chapman gave a very well received talk on the life of William Herschel.

Summer meal 2016

Pictures : Stephen Cheatley



2016 Autumn Equinox Meal

Another good turnout at China Red in Poulton as the nights start to draw in.

Summer meal 2016

Picture: Pete Franklin



2016 Perseid Starbeque

Unfortunately the cloud didn't allow any observing on the Saturday night, but thanks who all who made it a well attended event

Summer meal 2016

Picture: Stephen Cheatley



2016 Summer meal

BADAS members enjoying themselves at the Ghurka buffet in Blackpool as they celebrate the summer solstice.

2015 Solstice Meal

Pics: Stephen Cheatley, Steve Waterworth and Terry Devon



2015 BADAS Solstice Meal

Twenty members of BADAS and their partners met at La Piazza II in Bispham for this year's Solstice Meal.

Much food and drink was consumed and a great time was had by all!

pic: Stephen Cheatley

pic: Peter Franklin


Observing Session

17th April 2015

A great session was had at Pilling - a LOT of telescopes were brought along by both the club and individual members - and the sky stayed clear for us.

See our Flickr gallery for some more images taken by members.



'A good array of scopes'


Solar Eclipse

20 March 2015

BADAS set up several scopes to give the public a good view of the eclipse from Lawson's Field. Unfortunately the clouds won the day but a reasonable view was had through the all too few breaks.

We'll be trying again in 2026.



Christmas Quiz winners.

Quiz Winners 2014

'The Milky Way Kids'


Christmas Quiz

01 December 2014

Ray came up with 65 varied questions again this year and we had 5 teams competing for the top prize of a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

After the usual arguments about the number of points awarded for each multi-choice, forename and/or surname questions and even spellings to certain answers, "The Milky Way Kids" were declared the victors with a total of 57 points out of a possible 'larger number'.

Unfortunately they didn't answer every question so did not qualify for the prize but did eat most of the chocolates.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the food on offer, same time next year.



Observing Session

The shadow monster coming to get us!



Good Friday?.


18th April 2014

Thanks to all who came along to our observing session on Friday - I don't think the car park has ever been so full before!

Pete arrived to start setting up the EQ6 (which unfortunately developed problems which we're looking into) as the sun was almost starting to set. About ten minutes later Terry arrived with Bob Rutter and Ray, and they started putting together the 8.5" Dob and the parallegram binocular mount. They were all a bit out practice as it had been so long since the last BADAS observing session.

Many others arrived as it began to go dark, including new members Jim and Ian with their 11" and 12" SCTs respectively, also PADAS member Graham and CLASS Astro members Nigel and Paul with their 8" Skywatcher Newts. Stuart was there with his 8" Skywatcher Dob, Stephen was using his DSLR, as were Graham and Pete. Nice to see Tony Bradley taking a break from his DIY duties to join us, and Ryszard too.

Jupiter was the first planet to be seen, closely followed by a fiery Mars low in the South-East. Thanks to Stephen for arranging a nice pass of the ISS and a couple of Iridium flares for us.

Before the moon rose it was good night for deep sky objects, with several globular clusters and spiral galaxies seen. Stuart was quietly ticking deep sky objects off his list with his 8" dob, while all the other scopes were also giving impressive views. Several meteors were seen, mostly sporadics but I think I saw one Lyrid going through the handle of the plough.

After a quick sweep with their torches to make sure nothing was left behind, Pete, Ian and Terry were the last to leave the site at round 1:30am.

It's traditional that at least some people leave before the group photo is taken - this happens because while some leave early others are still observing and we don't want to ruin their night vision

Christmas Quiz winners.

Quiz Winners 2013

'Terry's Tenors'


Christmas Quiz

02 December 2013

An excellent quiz from Ray with a large number of varied questions. Three teams of six this year once more produced a very close result with only 13 points between first and third.

There was a lovely selection of food, many thanks to all who contributed. And thanks to Pete for his update on comet ISON.



Lytham Club Day


The Ultimate GoTo Mount.

(Thanks to Nigel Telford for the pipe to make the telescope)

More pictures on our Yahoo Group pages.


22nd June 2013

It is a good job that the team who turned out on Saturday were hardened astronomers, well most of them. The British weather did its utmost to make Club Day either a washout or to blow everything away. At least during the procession the rain stopped, although the wind was very gusty, and a good sized crowd turned out to watch. There were the usual church and kiddie group floats and the Rose Queens from the local villages so the BADAS telescope made quite a change. We didn't win any prizes but certainly attracted attention with a couple of young lads declaring it was "The best float, ever!". The wind eventually got the better of Saturn's rings and stripped them away and the rain caused the starry background cloth to stick to the car but all in all it worked well.

As Pete, Ric and I walked alongside the car collecting donations for the Club Day Charity, we handed out flyers describing our society and told people that we were holding a solar viewing session on Lytham Green. Terry and Ray braved the elements and set up three scopes, the new society Ha Lunt, the Celestron Mak with Orion Solar filter and Ray's Helios with Herschel Wedge. Sadly the Sun was not visible for long and the strong wind rocked the scopes but a few people turned up to have a look.

Thanks must go to Anne for letting me loose on her car, Thomas for helping build the scope, my daughter Angela for driving it in the procession, her husband Ric and our own Pete for handing out flyers and collecting for Club Day and Terry and Ray who did a sterling job with the scopes in adverse conditions.

Observing Session

Bob and binsBADAS Group

Bob on the Bins and the BADAS Group.


19th April 2013

An excellent turn out for a perfect night of astronomy.

Observations included Jupiter and Moons, Saturn, First Quarter Moon, two passes of the International Space Station and later on, several Deep Sky Objects.

And just for good measure, comet Pan-STARRS was spotted as well.

As usual, many thanks to Stephen Cheatley for his photographs.


Equinox Meal


"Well fed and lubricated BADASers"


22nd March 2013


Fifteen members and one grandson enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours at the Gurkha Buffet in Blackpool to mark the Equinox. None of us expected to be trudging through the snow to get to this event, but then it was the first day of Spring!

The Gurkha provided us with our usual table tucked away in the corner, can't think why! These are always a nice, friendly get together with a good choice of food at a very reasonable price. We will be back for the next Equinox in September, put it in your diary now.

Observing Session


"The hunt for NEO"


15th February 2013


After three days of watching the weather forecasts improving for Friday night, the outlook for the Star Party seemed very good. How wrong they all were!

Setting off from Lytham under a starry sky, I arrived to find Pilling shrouded in mist and a completely cloudy sky. But BADAS folks are ever the optimist so there was an excellent turn out of fifteen and a nice variety of equipment to use. We did manage some good views of the Moon, Jupiter and its moons and could see the shadow transit of Ganymede and the later transit of Europa. Sadly of 2012 DA14 there was no sign, the clouds doing an excellent job of obscuring that part of the sky. We packed up earlier than usual and I was home about 23:00 to find the Lytham skies still cloudless as they had been all night. That's astronomy!!

Many thanks to Stephen Cheatley for his usual excellent photographs which make it look like daylight when it was actually pitch black. Love the one of me about to be "beamed up".


Stargazing Live - 2013

SGL_CrowdKids loved the Mars Rover

"Quite a good crowd, and the kids loved the Mars Rover"


11 / 12 January 2013

The first night of our SGL event produced an excellent turnout of BADAS members but not many members of the public. Hopefully this was because of the cloudy skies with not a star showing all night. Saturday produced many more visitors, about thirty five, who enjoyed over two hours of observing with a good range of telescopes set up in the playground at the rear of the club. Jupiter proving to be a real crowd pleaser.

We had a good array of telescopes, Paul had set up the display boards and Pete had the videos running all night. The Mars Rover proved a hit with the kids and Astronaut Al did his usual variable weight display.

All in all another successful Stargazing Live event and one which is bound to be repeated annually..




Inter-Society Christmas Meal

13 December 2012

Following a well established format, our annual get together with other local astronomical societies took place on December 13th at the usual venue of Garstang Golf and Country Club.

Fifteen BADAS members were joined at the table by guest speaker Dr. Allan Chapman who was due to talk about the transit of Venus. However, in light of the sad news earlier in the week about the death of Sir Patrick Moore, the talk was about Sir Patrick's contribution to the spread of astronomy to the 'masses' via, amongst other means, the long running Sky at Night programme. We also heard some wonderful anecdotes about Sir Patrick's life and his love of cats and cricket.

As always an excellent night out and a good start to Christmas.


Christmas Quiz winners.

Quiz Winners 2012

'Alison's Babes with Balls'


Christmas Quiz

05 December 2012

Another excellent quiz from Ray with the new music section proving a resounding hit. Four teams of five, all with lady captains this year, saw a very close result. There were only ten points between Alison's Babes with Balls and Terry's Tenors.

As usual there was a lovely selection of food, many thanks to all who contributed. Roll on next year.




Cloud Party (almost!)


Observing Session

19 October 2012

Weather forecasts are sometimes somewhat vague. Indeterminate. Wrong even. With this in mind, a few keen local amateur astronomers met up at Lane Ends, Pilling - only to find that when they arrived on site the clouds that had been predicted to clear had in fact thickened, multiplied and completely obscured their view of the stars.

Patience is a virtue and although we came very close to withdrawing to the local pub, after a pensive 90 minutes the sky began to clear and a few stars, then whole constellations appeared, and observing could begin.

Stuart did a fine job showing newer members around the sky with his 8" Dobsonian. Objects observed included Jupiter, M13, M57, M31, and NGC 884/NGC 869.

Here members are lined up for the traditional group photograph at the end of the session, alongside the BADAS Optical Surfaces 6" Newtonian.



Perseid Starbeque 2012


Perseids StarBQ 2012

10 August 2012

There was a record turnout for this year's (now annual I think) Perseid StarBQ at Lane Ends, Pilling.

The forecast for excellent weather didn't let us down, surprising considering the dismally wet year we've had.

The food, provided by the society and expertly cooked by Alison and Betty was delicious. Just don't mention the bread Terry ;-)

Amongst the strong turnout of society members, we also had a few visitors who follow our @badas_tweets Twitter account, hosted by Claire. One or two of them commented how much they enjoyed the practical aspect of our society.

Here you can see some of our members against a star trail image taken on the night by our own Stephen Cheatley. In the bottom left you can see our Claire, tweeting updates as the night went on.



Star Party 20/07/12







Observing Session

20 July 2012

A small gathering of BADAS members turned up for this observing session on what became a very clear but dewy night.

This shot of Stephen's shows himself, Stuart and Pete, and of course part of our Milky Way galaxy. The little white and red blob in the background is Stuart's 8" Dobsonian, which is actually far bigger than it looks in this impressive fish eye view!



BADAS Star Party

25 May 2012

Simon, Terry, Bob, Bob#2, Bill, Pete and Steve attended, we had the Society bins and 8.5" Dob, as well as members' own equipment - a mixture of cameras, bins and small telescopes.

The setting sun was again a popular pre-Transit of Venus test target, then the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mars.

Venus was a very thin crescent, looking like a backwards capital "C" in a scope.

We actually managed to see Venus set behind Barrow. Other targets included M57 the Ring Nebula, M11 The Wild Duck Cluster, M13 and M92, both globular clusters in Hercules, and M81 and M82 - both galaxies in Ursa Major.

The wind was not as strong as feared but it did pickup a bit later and became noticably colder after midnight.

Star Trails

Group Photo

Photos: Stephen Cheatley






Lyrids Observing Session

21 April 2012

FIVE intrepid souls braved the wind, rain and clouds to enjoy a fine display of Lyrids when the clouds parted to reveal a lovely sky with good viewing.

Terry Devon said "We made the decision to go, it's happened before at Pilling - the sky just cleared."

Stephen said "A number of Lyrids were spotted, between us. One, in particular, was one of the best I've ever seen. It looked like a firework fizzling out across the sky. Plenty of satellites spotted and the ISS 2nd pass, too."


Star Party pic showing Venus, Jupiter and the Moon through haze

Photo: Peter Franklin




Star Party

24 March 2012

Members old and new alike met up at Pilling's Lane Ends Amenity Area for the evening's star party. The forecast was not great but it turned out to be a good event.

Although there was a lot of haze especially towards the end of the night, the seeing was at times excellent so fine views were had of Mars. The BADAS 8.5" Dobsonian and 100mm bins were put to good use as well as several members' scopes, including new joiners.

The haze made for some interesting photos of the conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, kind of like a natural "Akira Fujii effect" (or SBLUR if you use IRIS ;-) ). We packed up around midnight when it just got too hazy.



Stargazers at telescopes

Photos: Stephen Cheatley




"A Night With The Stars" x2

20 & 21 January 2012

Riding on the back of the BBC's Stargazing Live and the fabled "Brian Cox Effect", BADAS hosted two nights of stargazing, video presentations, wall displays and even a question and answer session at Blackpool's brilliant Solaris Centre, Harrowside.

Both nights were well attended but especially Saturday night when we had mostly clear skies, and despite an icy wind Bob and Ray were out all evening as the queues for time at the scopes and big bins to see either Venus, Jupiter or M42 just didn't want to go down, until we had to pack up for the evening as the place was closing!

Our new AJE 10" SCT/NEQ6 performed very well, looks like it will be a key part of our arsenal from now on.

Well done to Paul and Pete for making most of the arrangements, and to everyone else who played their part in making this event such a success - thank you.

Thanks also to the BBC for helping to make the country go stargazing mad!

Can't wait for next year!

Here's the banner for the event.

Inter Society meal




Inter-Society Christmas Meal

15 December 2011

BADAS joined our friends from PADAS, LAMAS, Furness AS and a few other gatecrashers for our annual Inter-Society Christmas meal, held at Garstang Golf and Country Club.

We were very pleased to be joined once again by Dr Allan Chapman, who gave an enlightening talk on "Astronomy and Alcohol". Not necessarily the best combination you might think but some well known early astronomers did very well out of selling the stuff! (hic)

Can you spot the recurring themes from previous Inter-Society Meal pics?!



FAS web site award 2011

Photo: Peter Franklin



FAS Convention - Website Award

15 October 2011

Simon and Pete from BADAS travelled down to the FAS convention at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

Speakers included Dr Carolin Crawford, Dr Nick Hewitt, Nik Szymanek, Prof. Albert Zijlstra and Lord Martin Rees, Astronmer Royal.

FAS President Richard Sargent announced BADAS had won a competition for best FAS member website.

Photo: Stephen Cheatley







Pre-Draconids Peak
Observing Session

07 October 2011

We knew the weather forecast was terrible for the following evening, which was the predicted peak of the Draconids.

So, despite the fact that it was RAINING in Blackpool, there was enough hope in the forecast on the night before for a few hardy BADAS members to meet up at Pilling to try and see some early Draconid meteors. We did see one, very bright, long and slow, travelling Southwards just to the East of the Moon. It was about the same brightness as Jupiter which was rising to our East.

There was a perishingly cold wind coming over the Marsh, strong enough to blow over one member's camera and tripod, but luckily only superficial damage was done.

The scudding clouds gave several lunar coronae as they passed in front of the waxing gibbous Moon.

We packed up around 10:30pm BST, when the rain finally caught up with us.



Perseid Starbeque

photo: Stephen Cheatley






Perseid Starbeque

13 August 2011

Ahh - the Perseids of 2011: reminds me of massive home made burgers and cumberland sausages. But unfortunately not many Perseids - none in fact!

The barbeque - skilfully tended to by
Alison - produced some mouthwatering food and the normal smoke which follows you around.

Unfortunately although there were enough breaks in the cloud to see the ISS, the Moon and a few stars - there were no Perseids seen. But we tried, that's the main thing. You can't be lucky all the time!

In addition, a "chinese lantern" was lit and let go in memory of our member and friend Andrew Elliott, who sadly died last year.

Some members did see the odd Perseid the following night which was obviously crystal clear!



Star Party

28 January 2011

Several members of BADAS met up at our observing site in PIlling to observe the night sky.

We had a beautifully dark, clear night, with a bright milky way stretching almost horizon to horizon. There was some haze and fog low down, far away to the NE but conditions for deep sky observing were excellent.

A temperature of -4C meant that we packed up and left for home just after midnight.











September Star Party

03 September 2010

Terry, Steve, Paul, Pete, Corinne, Simon and Claire met up at Lane Ends, Pilling for a star party under clear, dark skies.

A star party is simply a gathering of amateur astronomers: with telescopes, binoculars and cameras at hand, under the night sky. For BADAS, it's a chance to show new members around the night sky, take a tour of the constellations on show at that time of year, and take in some views of the planets, our moon and the deep sky objects.

On this night we had the society 8.5" Dobsonian telescope on hand, along with the binoculars on the cantilever mount and an 8" Newtonian on the society EQ5. Several members brought telescopes and cameras of their own.



Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught observing session

19 June 2010

This impromptu observing session was suggested by Claire, and it turned out to be a great evening.

Claire was joined by Pete, Alison, Ryszard and Phil.

Alison, using 15x70 binoculars was first to spot the comet which was by now fading into the twilight to the North, near the star Capella. The comet definitely had a green tinge to it.

After a slightly traumatic hour trying to aim a telescope with no finder at an object that could really only just be made out in binoculars, Pete managed to capture this image (top) of the comet. He'll be better prepared next time!

There was also a display of faint Noctilucent cloud, which so far at least has been disappointing this year.

Just before everyone packed up to go home, the ISS made a bright, long pass. Here it is shown near Jupiter in a 30 second exposure..





Star Party - Andrew Elliott's Warton Bank Observatory

16 April 2010

Several members of BADAS met up at the invitation of fellow member Andrew Elliott to observe at his home at Warton Bank. The early challenge was to see Mercury which was getting rather low in a hazy sky after a recent conjunction with Venus. It was spotted (by Ryszard first I believe) in binoculars then Terry trained the society 8.5" dob on to it to reveal a beautiful tiny crescent - this was the first time many members had seen Mercury telescopically.

Next up was the conjunction of the Moon and Venus. This was photographed by those who had brought along their DSLR cameras (newly acquired in many cases) with various lenses and tripods.

While some members concentrated on observing and imaging deep sky objects, such as M44 The Beehive (undergoing a conjunction with a dimming Mars) and M13 the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, Andrew's 16" LX200GPS was put to work. First up was a view of the Moon occulting (passing in front of) a star, which could be seen on a video screen set up in the observatory. Later, the 16" Meade gave some mesmerising high magnification views of Saturn and several of its moons, and later some "DSO"s (whatever they are Andrew ;-) )

An excellent night, thanks very much to our host!


This was the last time BADAS enjoyed Andrew's hospitality as he sadly died in the November 2010. Andrew very generously bequeathed his astronomical equipment and projector to the society. He is very much missed.







Mercury/Venus Conjunction observing session

10 April 2010

Chris, Pete and later Phil met up at Pilling to observe and photograph the conjunction of Venus and Mercury.

A halo often formed around Venus as wisps of cloud passed in front of it.

Use the controls above to play this video



Pics: Simon Gibson





The Universe - Yours to Discover
Open Exhibition

25 July 2009

BADAS pulled out all the stops to produce a free entry exhibition at Blackpool's Solaris Centre celebrating the International Year of Astronomy and the Apollo 11 40th Anniversary week.

Funding for the event was gained through an application made to the RAS IYA2009 committee by members Paul Schofield and Pete Franklin. They and many other members worked for several weeks and months organising, promoting and preparing stands for the event, which covered the following topics:

The Hubble Space Telescope;
The Modern Amateur Astronomer;
History of BADAS;
The Apollo Moon programme;
She is an astronomer.

There were also displays of antique and modern telescopes; a "Martian landscape" with a remotely operated rover; a life size Buzz Aldrin tableau with a hole through which you could put your head (it's a Blackpool thing); a marvellous 6ft model of a Saturn V rocket and a large model solar system made to scale complete with rotating planets!

Galileo (played by actor Peter Casey of Blindseer Productions) was on hand all day to entertain, educate and enthuse all those who attended his lectures.

Thanks again to all that helped to create this very professional looking exhibition, and especially Paul for his Herculean efforts in organising this event and to Linda for putting up with him during the run up to it!!!







Pete and Alison's Wedding

21 March 2009

A first for BADAS, two members tied the knot and were joined for the celebrations by several friends from the society.

The webmaster and his wife thank everyone for helping to make it a very special day for us.





PADAS, LAMAS, BADAS, Furness AS Christmas Meal

18 December 2008

About 17 members met up with colleagues from three neighbouring astronomical societies for a Christmas dinner followed by a talk by Dr Allan Chapman, this year on the subject on Thomas Hariott - "The man who beat Galileo".

Many members showed off their rocketry skills by firing balloons at colleagues at the other end of the room!



Auriga and observers







October Star Party - Pilling

24 Oct 2008

A BADAS first took place when several members met up for a "star-beque" at the PIlling observing site.

There was some cloud moving quickly due to a stiff Easterly wind, but the sky remained fairly clear for most of the evening. The barbeque helped to keep out the cold. Thanks to Alison and Betty for sorting out the food, and to Simon for bringing the barbeque.

The BADAS 8.5" dob and the big binoculars were in action, along with Chris Lord's finely made Galileoscope. Objects observed included Jupiter, M31, M32, M36, and M45.





September Star Party - Pilling

26 Sept 2008

Chris Lord, Brian, Ryszard and Claire enjoyed very good sky conditions at our Pilling observing site. There was a slight mist, though the seeing was very good.

Brian brought his 10-inch f/4.7 Dobsonian, and Chris brought his Megrez 90 apo and his replica of Galileo's telescope.

Objects observed were Jupiter, M31, the double cluster, M45, and finally M81 & M82. The Pleiades in Chris' Galileoscope was a beautiful sight, just filling the field.




Partial Solar Eclipse Observing Session

Warton Bank Observatory

01 August 2008

Tony, Claire and new member Gary met up at Andrew Elliott's to observe the partial solar eclipse.

"The morning started" Andrew says "with a completely clear blue sky, but spode's law prevailed and clouds rolled in before 1st contact. However, there were some reasonably long gaps through which Tony obtained some images and I managed to record some video footage. It went solidly cloudy again just before 4th contact, so we didn't see that either! But it was an enjoyable morning anyway."

A couple of other BADAS members managed to see the eclipse though as Andrew says despite the optimistic start to the day the cloud nearly scuppered all attempts at viewing this one!




BADAS @ Red Ass

Summer Meal 08

19 June 2008

BADAS had it's second summer meal on 19th June.

After meeting at the Auctioneer, twenty members in all enjoyed an asian buffet including duck, venison and kangaroo, at The Red Ass restaurant, on Bond Street.



Star Partius Interruptus

10 May 2008

In spite of mixed weather forecasts, four members of BADAS met up at our Pilling observing site around dusk on Saturday 10 May.

Brian's 10" dobsonian had it's first official BADAS outing, Gary brought along his Megrez 80, and Pete and Ryszard had binoculars. We observed the crescent moon, crater Theophilus was the highlight, being just on the terminator.

Mars was seen as a small reddish disc, about 3 degrees West of the moon. Earlier in the day Mars had been occulted by the moon. Saturn was visible through thickening cloud, it's rings clearly becoming ever closer to edge on.

It wasn't long though before the few gaps that there were in the cloud were filled in, and about half past ten we packed up and went home.

Pic - L-R: Gary, Ryszard, Brian and Pete
(far background!)



Post-meeting visit to Carleton House Observatory

07 May 2008

A few members of BADAS met up at Pete and Alison's house after the normal monthly meeting, to take advantage of a clear night. After a tour around the facilities, Saturn, Epsilon Bootes, M3 and M13 were observed. Later on, Pete demonstrated deep sky imaging. Despite a few technical gremlins, including a now resolved autoguiding error, this image of M13 was obtained.

(click image to see the full resolution version)

Pete's website





Observing session and get together - Warton Bank Observatory

22 March 2008

Several members of BADAS met up at Andrew Elliott's house, after much delay due to bad weather and despite the poor forecasts for the night. The sky was not good, but a good view of Saturn was had during a brief clear interlude.

Sadly the group photo was lost due to technical difficulties. But this photo of Pete washing up at the end of the night is rare enough to justify publication!







Two-night Star Party

15/16 February 2008 - Pilling observing site

In attendance: Terry, Ray, Chris, Pete, Alison, Ryszard, Ian, Gary, Claire

In attendance: Bob, Chris, Pete, Ryszard, Claire, Tony B & son Ben, Ian, Phil

The waxing gibbous moon was one of the main objects on view on both nights. Fine views were had, through a range of different instruments, including the newly donated BADAS 8" newtonian, recently refurbished by Terry and Bob's Fettling Service.

Also on view was Saturn, whose rings are rapidly closing, the Plieades and several of the brighter Messier objects. New members Ian and Phil brought along their telescopes for their first official BADAS outings.




PADAS/LAMAS/BADAS Christmas Meal 2007

13 December 2007

There was again a joint meal with neighbouring Preston and Lancaster societies, held at the Garstang Hotel and Golf Club.

The ever impressive Dr Allan Chapman was on hand to give a talk on Edmund Halley.

Nice hat Paul!










Perseids Star Party 07

12 August 2007 - Pilling observing site

Twelve of us in all met up at Lane Ends Amenity Area in Pilling, despite mixed skies, to view what turned out to be the best meteor display seen by BADAS members for many years.

Between 1am and 2am BST we counted 68 meteors, 60 of which were Perseids.

Definitely one of the best BADAS star parties ever.






Inaugural BADAS Summer Meal

21 June 07

17 members of BADAS met up for a chinese meal in Poulton. As you can tell from the photograph there was not much food left by the end of the banquet!






Star Party - Warton Bank Observatory

23 March 2007

Several of us met up at fellow BADAS member and BAA Merlin award winner Andrew Elliott's observatory, after much delay due to bad weather and despite some poor forecasts for the night. However, keen observers Pete and Bob gave the go ahead after checking out all the available forecasts (including Dianne Oxberry!) and a good night was had by all.







PADAS/LAMAS/BADAS Christmas Meal 2006

Again BADAS joined up with members of PADAS and LAMAS for Christmas meal and a talk by Dr Allan Chapman.

This year the meal was at the Garstang Hotel and Golf Club.





September Star Party

21 Sept 2006 - Pilling observing site

An excellent turn out were rewarded with a sky dark enough to see the dust lanes in the Milky Way, despite some light pollution from nearby Blackpool, Heysham and Barrow.

Three telescopes were in use - the society 8.5" f/7 Newtonian on its Dobsonian mount, Pete's 8" f/4 Meade Schmidt-Newtonian, and Tony' s 6" f/6 Newtonian, the latter two on driven equatorial mounts. Almost everyone brought binoculars as well.

With no moon or planets visible, an evening of deep sky observing took place.

Several Messier objects were observed - M57 the Ring Nebula, in Lyra; M27 the Dumbell Nebula, in Vulpecula; M31 the Andromeda Galaxy and its satellite galaxies M32 and M110; M33 the Triangulum Galaxy; M13 globular cluster in Hercules; M92 globular cluster also in Hercules and M45 the Pleiades, in Taurus.

Also observed were NGC 869 and NGC 884 - the Double Cluster in Perseus; the Western loop of the Veil nebula in Cygnus (both with and without UHC filter) and finally
iota Cassiopeia, a triple star.

Observing finished around midnight, when we were beaten by cloud.



Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 observing session

5 May 2006 - Pilling observing site

Bob, Tony E, Ray, Alison, Pete and Paul met up at Pilling to observe comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3. Main instrument was the society's 6" newtonian. The first quarter moon was the first object observed, then Saturn. Seeing was good early on. Once dark, the hunt was on for the Comet, Pete was first to spot it with his bins. It was then tracked in the society 6". Other objects observed were M13 and M92.



Saturn Occultation observing session

25 January 2006 - Pilling observing site

Terry, Bob, Alison and Pete observed the occultation of star SAO 98054 (BY Cancri) by the Saturn system.

Through not very patchy cloud, the end of the event was witnessed by all, and Terry managed to get some camcorder video through the Society's 8.5" dobsonian telescope.

The animation at left shows SAO 98054 moving away from Saturn's South Polar Region.



PADAS Christmas Meal 2005

15 December 2005

For the first time BADAS joined PADAS along with LAMAS for a joint Christmas meal, held at the Crofters Hotel, Garstang.

After the meal we were treated to a talk by
Dr Allan Chapman, on the subject of the life and works of Sir Isaac Newton.




BADAS Christmas Quiz Night 2005

07 December 2005

Andrew's team narrowly beat Terry's team 101-93. Subjects ranged from orbital mechanics to "Top Cat".

Santa was in attendance, skilfully played by Alison, who bleached her beard for the occasion. (Sorry Alison!)







Some of Thursday's attendees


Two-night Star Party

16/17 November 2005 - Pilling observing site

In attendance: Terry, Pete, Paul, Alison, Tracey, Ryszard

Arrived onsite to hazy skies but a brilliant full moon and beautiful 22° ice halo - first time Rysard and Alison had seen one.
Paul brought his lx200 and captured some images of the moon despite power problems. Terry brought the society 8.5" dob, through which we had fine views of the moon Mars, and later on Saturn. Pete brought his 8" and also captured some images with his webcam. Eventually the haze turned to cloud and we had to pack up around midnight.

In attendance: Bob, Pete, Paul, Alison, Ryszard, Tracey, Tony B

Much clearer than the night before. The main instrument tonight was the Society 6" - this offered excellent views of the Moon and Saturn, though Mars was lacking detail. Other objects observed included the Great Orion Nebula (M42) and the double cluster (NGC 869, NGC 884) in Perseus. Bob guided members through the constellations that were on view.

Paul brought along his lx200 again and Pete took some images of constellations with a digicam and had a go with film.

BADAS star parties are traditionally scheduled to coincide with meteor showers and this night saw the peak of the Leonids. Although we didn't stay for the usual peak in the early hours, Alison did see two Leonids and Pete observed one once back in Blackpool.





Perseids observing session

12 August 2005 - Pilling observing site

The cloud was rolling in... but (r-l) Chris P, Tony and Pete did see 5 or so Perseids, quite fast with long trails. Observed a satellite passing over the zenith. Pete was experimenting with listening for meteor scatter. We packed up around midnight, when the cloud beat us.

link: International Meteor Organisation




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